Our printer can positively impact number of industries. We are currently developing new use cases for large scale 3D printing with our partners. Reach out if you also would like to be a part of the upcoming 3D revolution.


The printer can be deployed at construction site, making it possible to print non-typical piping systems, cable trays, guides, handrails, frames, etc..


The printer can manufacture the entire car body, while sitting secretly in the car maker’s R&D lab backyard. It’s also great for custom parts of bodykit and larger interior parts, battery cover, internal partition walls, bumpers and fenders.

Oil & REfinery

The printer is an ideal solution to manufacture ad-hoc spare parts in remote locations where delivery of spare parts is dangerous, tiresome and expensive. The printer can manufacture complex piping systems, grilles, handrails and covers.


Rugged version of our printer enables rapid deployment in harsh conditions. 

The printer can deliver solid parts made from ABS, including shelves, covers, handles, connecting pipes, spare parts, partition walls, sinks, toilets, even bathtubs.

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